Imagine your life, embodied.

I am located in Dallas, TX and offer a wide variety of services including body work, medicine work, energy work, workshops and more. I believe that by bringing the mind, body, and spirit into balance we create the perfect conditions to become a more fully realized, and empowered expression of ourselves.

I just want to appreciate this current moment in time. ✨️

Our little is just exploding with language, literally overnight. Saying and doing things out of no where.. like grabbing my ears and saying "Ear", or covering his eyes and counting to 4, or playing knock knock. My heart is bursting at the seams over this new era of interaction with him! 🥰

My bodywork practice is also beginning to thrive! (I'm booked out for the next 3 weeks already!!) and I feel nourished and excited about planting seeds and tending to my next big projects and offerings 😉

I've been working really hard to create more organization and flow in my life as well and feeling ready to deepen this energy even further.

I'm definitely beginning to see and experience the fruits of my hard labor and its inspiring. Rather than fall into the habit of continuing to focus only on the next thing, I thought I'd change it up and feel into the beauty of right now. The pendulum is always in motion, but right now I'm feeling really blessed. ❤️

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Hello Sunshine Healing needs your support!

After a much needed break to support my transition into Motherhood and a soft re-entry into my practice, it's time to expand my net and reach more clients with what I have to offer.

This month I am asking for your help to fund my business to support this projected growth.

I have new offerings available including Craniosacral Therapy, Somatoemotional Release, and specialized intentional packages! I also have plans to do more group events over the next year, so be on the look out for that.

Here are many ways that will help!

Leave a review - if you have worked with me in the past, or currently. Please leave me a review here or on Google

Buy a gift card - gift it to a friend!

Book a session!

Or simply donate to my go fund me!

Thank you for always supporting me and allowing me to support others with my work. ❤️

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8 years ago,  I made a major life decision to radically change and improve my life.
Following a health crisis,  news that I could not have children,  and a divorce; I decided to step away from my corporate job of eight years and my home to work on myself and discover and follow my passion.

After some deep soul searching,  I made the decision to go to massage school because, to me, it was a stepping stone into helping others as well as an opportunity to learn about myself better and heal my relationship with my own body.

In this process I have spent all my life savings to enroll in school, often times holding down multiple jobs. I have pushed myself to burn out so extreme that it impacted my physical health and though I've been fortunate to never have had to live on the streets, chose homelessness in an effort to continue learning and growing my skills in my craft. On top of that,  life never ceased to throw it's punches in my direction.

I have zero regrets, and have developed an even deeper love for what I do in this process. I have been blessed to have so many people pass under my hands and into my life. I get a really unique opportunity to connect with people on a vulnerable and intimate level and it's opened my eyes and my heart to all of the diverse life experiences a human can have.  I am truly grateful.

It's been 10 years since I was told I couldn't have kids, and I'm so elated that as of now,  I'm 5 months pregnant. What a blessing!

In light of this, It is bittersweet and emotional for me to announce that I have decided to put bodywork aside for right now to focus on enjoying and being present for this new life changing experience.

I'm not exactly sure when,  but have no doubt about it, after everything I've been through,  I will most definitely will be back. ❤

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