The Rainbow Way

The way of the Rainbow embraces a full spectrum of experiences and expression to create beautiful and vibrant life on the earth.

Though rarely seen, Rainbows actually form as full circles. This reminds us that, we are complete and whole in our expression, even if we don’t always see it.

Rainbows can emerge following life’s biggest storms and requires a balance of the light and dark in order to fully shine.

In many traditions throughout history, the rainbow symbolizes our connection to the divine and a reminder that all life on earth is sacred.

A double Rainbow occurs when light is refracted and reflected in just the right way, reminding us that when we shine brightly, it allows others to shine brightly as well.

It is often said there is a pot of gold lies at the end of the Rainbow. Reminding us that the journey is just as beautiful as the desired destination.

“Going off of unique frequencies, there are more colors in a rainbow than there are stars in the universe or atoms in your body, but that goes far beyond what we can perceive.”

Ethan Siegel, Science writer and astrophysicist