Full Circle: An Exploration into Integration Practices May 2021

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May 4, 2021 – June 8, 2021

Tuesdays, 6:30pm-8:30pm – 6 weeks long

Working with psychedelics can be life changing, but only if you make life changes. We often say the real work begins after the experience. The purpose of integration is about taking the time to digest these powerful experiences, finding your own personal meaning in them, and applying these lessons into your life. In this six-week series we’ll explore different integration techniques and self inquiry practices, including:

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  • Week 1 – Introduction to Integration with Sarah Dierking
  • Week 2 – Somatic Awareness with Stephanie St. John
  • Week 3 – Art’sploration with Melissa Archer 
  • Week 4 – Emotional Freedom Techniques with Stacy Claxton
  • Week 5 – Healing with Sound with Windsong
  • Week 6 – Living your Vision with Zenobia Gonzalez

      For this class you will need:

    • A Journal
    • 3-5 sheets of blank paper, or a sketchbook, or a notebook
    • A black pen or marker
    • Anything to color with: pencils, markers, highlighters, makeup, whatever you’ve got!
    • A Yoga Mat
    • A curious and open mind!

4 reviews for Full Circle: An Exploration into Integration Practices May 2021

  1. Melissa A

    Integration is arguably the most important part of a plant medicine journey: you’ve bought the ticket, you’ve taken the ride, and now it’s time to apply that experience to your life and grow from it. Sarah leads the participants of this workshop through an 8-week series of different approaches to tapping into your inner wisdom and applying those lessons to everyday life. As a participant of the first iteration of this workshop, I saw first-hand how connecting weekly with a group of individuals, each on their own journey, inspires that drive to go deeper within yourself. This workshop is absolutely a worthy investment of time and money, and Sarah’s gentle and thoughtful guidance throughout the process is a valuable resource unto itself. If you want to get the most out of your plant medicine experience, take this workshop!

  2. Wind Song

    Integration takes work, however, Sarah’s 8 week course feels more like play! I really enjoyed communing online with everyone, it felt just like an extension of ceremony and really aided in lifting my spirits after months of isolation! I would wholly recommend this course to anyone seeking to smooth the rough edges of the previous year, make deep connections, and set themselves up with tools for success!

  3. JD Villamizar

    Aho! It makes me happy to see integration workshops available for community <3 I enjoyed the variety of practices and guest speakers, plus it served as a weekly reminder to check where my integration process was each week.

  4. Trent B

    My favorite part about this course was the variety of speakers that spoke each week. Each week was a different tool for integration. Reminding me of how enjoyable it is just to take time for myself and make art and sing. Or explore something new like tapping. Sarah is a excellent facilitator with a fun and engaging working shop. If you are looking for new outlets and tools to help you out on your journey, I’d highly recommend this workshop!

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